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Why Do Soccer Teams Use Shared Stadiums?


There are many cities around the world that have more than one football club. If you go to Liverpool, for example, you'll be in the most successful city in England.

Liverpool Football Club and Everton have won a combined 27 top-flight titles. But, all things considered, the chances of ending up in a city where two of these clubs share a stadium are pretty slim.

So why do some teams share a stadium? Are league clubs the only ones who share grounds, or do international clubs do it too? What are the best examples of shared stadiums? What does the future hold for football teams that share a stadium? This may be the most important question answered by us and our friends from Ligadeportiva a important sport website.

Here, we'll try to answer some of those questions, if not all of them, and give you an idea of which cities to visit if you want to see the homes of the best clubs in the game in one trip.

Why Do Teams Rent Out Stadiums And Arenas?

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Why do most teams prefer to "rent instead of buy?" The answer is that it's easier and cheaper to rent.

It's not easy to build an arena in a city. You have to buy land, build a stadium, and keep it running. This is actually part of a different profession that has nothing to do with basketball.

It needs to be run by experts, and sports teams aren't experts, so they'd have to hire professionals for almost everything. It's easier and requires less work to rent directly. Also, it's cheaper to rent an arena than to build one.

Most of the time, the rent for a season is between $1 million and $2 million, which is the same as the salary of a basic salary employee on the team for a season. It is still a very good deal.

A sports team's decision to rent or buy a stadium is really the same as a person's decision to rent or buy a house. Even though there are a lot of financial calculations and things to think about, anyone who can buy a house is "wealthy."

Allianz arena in munich
Allianz arena in munich

What Is "Sharing A Stadium"?

Let's start with a simple question. What does it mean to "share the ground"? Simply put, sharing the same ground means that two sports teams that play in the same stadium are playing against each other.

When you start to look at what sport the two teams that share a field are playing, things get a little more interesting and confusing.

For example, it's not unusual for a rugby team and a football team to play in the same stadium, where the pitch has to be changed from one game to the next based on the season.

We're only really interested in football, so we won't talk about sharing stadiums between different sports. Instead, we'll look at intra-sport sharing, which is when teams that play the same sport tend to share facilities.

Sometimes the teams are in totally different leagues, but most of the time they are in the same league.

A Well-Known Shared Football Ground

The good news for the Football Association is that this doesn't really make things that much harder. Due to factors such as police resources and traffic, those in charge of scheduling work hard to ensure that two teams from the same city play at home on different weeks.

Going back to our first example, Liverpool might play at Anfield one Saturday while Everton plays somewhere else.

The next week, Everton might play at Goodison Park while Liverpool plays somewhere else. When clubs share a stadium, the schedulers don't have to make too many changes to make sure there aren't a lot of back-to-back games.

Giuseppe Meazza

The San Siro, which is another name for the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, is one of the most well-known shared stadiums in the world. When it first opened in 1926, Internazionale didn't use it because they played their home games at the Arena Civica.

In 1947, they bought the property together and have lived there ever since. There are many stadiums in Italy that can be used for more than one thing, but the San Siro stands out because it was built with football in mind.

The Berlin Olympic Stadium

Hertha BSC plays its home games in the Bundesliga at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. In the 1930s, the German government built the beautiful sports complex so that it would be ready for the 1936 Olympics, which were held in Berlin.

The stadium was fixed up in 2004 so that it could be one of the venues for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Germany.

The multipurpose sports complex can hold about 74,475 people, and Hertha Berlin has been playing there since 1963.

Olympia Stadium in Berlin
Olympia Stadium in Berlin


The famous Maracana stadium is in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the country of Brazil. Both CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC, two of the best teams in Brazil, play their home games at the famous stadium.

The Brazilian government built the historic site before the 1950 World Cup, which was held in Brazil. The unique name of the stadium comes from the Maracana River, which flows north of Rio. Just under 79,000 people can fit in the stadium.

Stadio Olimpico

The Stadio Olimpico is the largest sports venue in all of Rome. Both SS Lazio and AS Roma play there. In an interesting twist, it is also the main place where the Italian national football team and rugby team play.

It is such a good stadium that the Coppa Italia final takes place there every year. In the beginning of 2017, it was decided that Roma would build a new stadium away from their fierce rivals.

As soon as that decision was made official, Lazio said that they also wanted their own place. In the next five years, the Stadio Olimpico could go from being home to four teams to just being Italy's national stadium.

Stadio olimpico roma
Stadio olimpico roma

The Future Of Shared Stadiums

Football is a strange old game in many ways. Even though hooliganism was very common in the 1970s and 1980s, rival clubs were much more likely to consider sharing a stadium back then than they would be today.

Even though football is a much cleaner sport than it used to be, fans of different teams aren't thought to be able to share the same space without trouble breaking out.

To use the example from the beginning of this article one last time, whenever the idea of Liverpool or Everton leaving their current homes comes up, the first thing that is suggested is that they share a stadium.

Even though their games against each other are called the "friendly derby," fans and club leaders have never really thought about this as a possibility.

Merseyside residents generally believe that the two sides will never share a home, even if it would be better for the city's infrastructure and their own finances. This is true whether or not it is true.

People Also Ask

What Soccer Teams Share The Same Stadium?

The San Siro in Milan is probably the most well-known shared stadium. It is where Milan and Inter play, and it can hold 80,018 people. This makes it one of the biggest stadiums in Italy and Europe.

What Teams Have Shared Stadiums?

The Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals play at Capital One Arena. Crypto.com Arena: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Los Angeles Kings The Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings play at Little Caesars Arena. The New York Knicks and the New York Rangers play at Madison Square Garden.

Do Roma And Lazio Share A Stadium?

The Italian National Olympic Committee owns the building, and association football is the main sport played there. The Coppa Italia final takes place at the Stadio Olimpico, which is also home to the football teams Roma and Lazio. The Italian Rugby Union team plays its home games there as well.


Since Juventus moved out of the Stadio Olimpico and into their own stadium in 2011, and Lazio and Roma both asked for their own stadiums early in 2017, it seems that sharing stadiums is also becoming less common in Italy. This once-great tradition seems to be going away.

This could be because clubs can make more money from things like TV deals and ticket sales.

When you share a stadium with another club, you also have to split any money you make from renting out your facilities for things like conferences, weddings, and other events. Greed is making clubs less and less willing to work together.

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